Micronizer means a machine which is engineered to reduce the particle size by way of collision of the same material and increase the surface area for better delusion.

Micronizer gives better results because it does not allow milling process to generate heat. Because of that reason the property of the chemical OR Material will remain constant in spite of reduction of the size of particle.

Jet Mills are widely used in manufacturing of drugs & pharmaceuticals, organic & inorganic pigments, optical brighteners, flour cent Pigments, food colour synthetic dye, ceramic glasses, high temperature critical material.

The material can be milled to an average particle size from 0.2 to 5 micron OR coarse ground to 400 mesh depending upon the characteristics of the product.

Features & Benefits

Documentation to support FDA validation including IQ/OQ/PQ

No heat created during milling, protects heat sensitive products

Requires no tools – disassembles by hand even in a glove box isolator

Engineered to avoid risk of cross contamination of milled products

Accessibility to all internal areas for easy washing, autoclaving or swabbing

Consistent control adjustments for repeatability.